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    Welcome to VAcilitate!

    Virtual Assistance facilitates your life and business.


    Come in and read how I can help you with your business, not only to free up precious time for you that you can invest in more important tasks but also create value and quality products for you and your audience.

  • About me

    Hello! I'm Stefanie, the founder of VAcilitate, and I'm here to help you make the most of your precious time. Starting, managing, and enhancing your own business can be very stressful and time-consuming. This is where a virtual assistant comes in to help you with those many time-consuming and tedious tasks to take some of the load off your shoulder. Finally, you can invest your time into the development of your core business and dedicate more attention to your clients' needs.

    After four years of working as an Executive Assistant for a renown professional services firm and as a Personal Assistant to the Chief Rating Officer of a rating agency, I have been fortunate enough to establish my own business to service entrepreneurs and write about the advantages of working with a VA as well as the latest tools and trends to take your business a step further.

    As a German native with an equivalent of a Master's Degree (German 1st State Examination) in English and French having spent several years abroad, I am offering my services in three different languages.

    Next to detail-orientation and to the point results, the standards of my business are high quality, efficiency and confidentiality. I never get tired of learning new things and working on a mutual solution which works best for you and your clients. But read for yourself what my clients have to say about VAcilitate.

  • Services

    What can I help you with?

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    Would you like your text in German, English or French?

    No problem. I offer the following translations:







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    Blog Management

    Need help with your Blog?

    Not to worry, these are the Blog services I offer:

    - Uploading

    - Formatting

    - Proofreading

    - Editing

    and more...

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    Content Management

    No time or inspiration to create some content?

    Easy, delegate some of these writing tasks:

    - Copywriting

    - Documents

    - Letters

    and more

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    Social Media Management

    Overwhelmed with Social Media?

    Be clever and hand over these areas:

    - Social Media Account Creation

    - Management of Social Media Profiles and Groups

    - Posting on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


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    Administrative Services

    Tired to do it all?

    Outsource these daily tasks and focus on your most important ones:

    - Email Management

    - Event Management

    - Calendar Management

    - Travel Management

    - Data Management

    and more...

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    Other services

    Are you looking for help with other tasks than mentioned here?

    Cool! Feel free to reach out and let's chat about what you'd like to delegate.


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    Here's a quick overview of my pricing:

    Hourly rate 50€/h

    Individual packages for Social Media, Customer Support and Project Management starting at 500€


  • Michelle Dale, Virtual Miss friday

    Video testimonial -->

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    Christoph Schulz, CareElite

    Stefanie is a great assistant with a lot of drive and many ideas that push the company forward. The communication works flawlessly and Stefanie gives me the freedom to grow my business strategically. I can recommend her work to others wholeheartedly.

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    Dr. Sonia Jaeger, Online Counsellor

    I only started working with Stefanie a few months ago but I can already see how much my business has improved thanks to her! I was a bit reluctant to hire a new VA as I have had some not so perfect experiences in the past, but Stefanie very quickly showed me that hiring her was the best decision I could make for my business. She is not only very responsive and well organised, but she also adds extra value by coming up with new ideas and solutions for problems I hadn't even started to think about. Stefanie has been managing my Social Media pages, creating content in 3 languages and taken on many other tasks, from uploading my blog posts to creating exercises and sheets for my client work and I am very much looking forward to slowly handing her over more and more tasks so that I can keep focusing on the work I love most myself.

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    I knew Stefanie as my PA at Scope Ratings before she started her business as a VA and I knew that she was able to deliver. Still, I was curious to see how she would manage over the distance. Honestly, I was impressed how well everything was managed with swift, reliable responses and a proactive and pragmatic approach. She just took care of everything and didn't get tired despite multiple changes and requests. If I can recommend her? Absolutely! Great service, hands on, reliable, good value for money.

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    Loic Dindinaud, White Kitchen

    What we appreciate about working with Stefanie is how neatly and professionally she gets the job done, her punctuality, and her price. Thanks to her we can offer more options to our clients. In a B2B business like ours, the quality of the end product has a huge impact, and her contributions are always at an excellent level. Of course, we can recommend her.

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    Pascal Alich, IT made simple UG

    Since I have been working with Stefanie, I feel more like a business owner. That is because now I have more time for tasks in my core competencies. And yes, I can definitely recommend her as multi-lingual, quality service with the nice effect of the time zone difference is good to have.

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    André Koselofsky, Scopus Consulting GmbH

    What we like best about working with Stefanie is her absolute reliability. She helps us with translations and editing, all in a smart and professional manner. We can highly recommend her.

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    Anonymous (due to data protection)

    Many, many thanks for your help. The project looked slightly overwhelming and it made a huge difference to have your very precise and uncomplicated multi-lingual support. The different time zones were also quite advantageous. Would love to work with you again.

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